Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moments of Pleasure - UK 7" Single Jukebox Promo

I never had much interest with collecting jukebox promos for a million different reasons, and Moments of Pleasure was one of the very few I specifically went after - mainly because I found it hugely disappointing at the time that this single never got a proper 7" vinyl release in the UK. Moments of Pleasure was released in every other format, including the completely useless cassette single version.

Some jukebox promos, like this one, tended to have the single’s information directly engraved into the vinyl itself, which also makes it very difficult to see unless you catch it in the light the right way. With these new scans and some fiddling with the resolution, hopefully things will look much better than they did with my old photos. Just make sure to right click onto the scans and open them up in a new window to get their full size. 

Side A has the full LP version of Moments of Pleasure, and the B side is an instrumental version - which is found on all other releases except the CD single. Since this is just a jukebox single it only ever came in a plain paper sleeve, so it's not really worth taking a photo/scan of that. This one does tend to be a little more tricky to come across – not impossible, but a little more tricky nevertheless.

Interestingly enough, there is a scratch message on the run off area on Side A, which says “Never Forget”. The 12” single release features a completely different scratch message, which simply says “Alive and Kicking.” I've tried to do a photo of the scratch message and I've also circled the area. It isn't perfect, but you get the idea.

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