Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cathy Demos - Volume 4

This is volume four of the Cathy Demos, from a set of five 7” bootleg singles that was released years and years ago. All the sleeves in this set have a similar simple design to it, and they all feature different images from the Cathy book.

Each volume has a different coloured vinyl, which are also more translucent looking than my scans probably show. I've kept one of my original photos so you can see this. Each volume also has two fake scratch messages on the run off area of the vinyl – one on either side. None of them are in no way done by Kate. The scratch messages on this volume are:

Side A: I should be at college or sailing
Side B: Zezezozee zadfrack glutz

The quality of the demos on these singles is fairly typical to what you would find on any other bootleg release. The only difference is that these tend to go for far more money now, which really isn't worth it in my book.

Supposedly there were only 600 copies of each volume released. Each one featured a limited edition number on the lower left hand corner of the back sleeve only. There were also a lot of these that missed being numbered, including the set I have.

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