Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Red Shoes – USA Promotional Handbill

This is a promotional handbill that was put out by Columbia Records in 1993 to promote the release of The Red Shoes in the U.S. It measures 8.5” x 11” and it’s double-sided.

This one for The Red Shoes is very nice. The front has the album artwork in full colour and the back has some nice advertising for the album and its release.

Handbills are promotional flyers used to promote either an artist’s record or concert dates. A variety of different things can be listed on handbills: Artist info, Album info, Tour Dates, etc. They’re usually double-sided, but not always. They’re normally printed on thin glossy paper, and the front of the handbill is usually in full colour and the reverse in black and white (or grey tones); sometimes the reverse side is printed in full colour as well. They can also vary in size. Although this one for The Red Shoes measures around 8.5" x 11", typically 7" x 10" is a normal standard size for them. Japan is well known for their elaborately designed handbills when it comes to promoting artists, and they’re usually more eye-catching in my opinion.

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