Saturday, January 5, 2013

Please Read: eBay Seller's item has nothing to do with me

It seems I'm getting a lot of traffic today from eBay, and after checking it out further, I see that eBay seller  "ralph_tudor" has linked to one of my posts about the Hounds of Love autographed prints, as he is selling one here. Since I don't have anything to do with eBay, I can't get in contact with him or with eBay itself to have the link to my blog removed.

I want everyone to know that this individual never asked to do this, and certainly didn't have my permission to do it. As far as I'm concerned, the link to my blog is very misleading and almost gives any person the impression that I'm the seller on eBay - which I'm not. I'm extremely pissed because, as people know, I've made it very clear in the past how I feel about eBay... and I'm making it very clear right now by saying that if anyone decides to bid on this seller's item and something goes wrong, it has absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever!

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