Friday, January 18, 2013

Amiga - East German LP

East German 11 track compilation LP that was released back in 1984. It features random selections from Kate’s first three albums and absolutely nothing from The Dreaming, which I've always found to be a little odd.

“Amiga” is actually the name of the record label and not the album itself. Whether or not people confused the record label name for the album title, or used it as a means to identify this album is really unknown. What is known is that there used to be a lot of confusion about the validity of this album, and whether or not it was really a bootleg. If I recall correctly, quite a bit of that confusion was caused by another album that a West German company was illegally trying to put together and release in 1986 called “The Early Years”, which contained a number of Kate’s early demos. However, Kate got wind of it, took legal action and had all copies destroyed… or so everyone thought. There have been loads of rumours that copies of “The Early Years” somehow survived and got out (and no, I don’t have a copy of The Early Years either in case anyone is wondering). So, long story short... at some point people began confusing Amiga with The Early Years, and so its legality came into play. Amiga has always been an official release.

Is Amiga worth having? Well, that's up to people to decide for themselves. Personally, I don't think it really is. Apart from the artwork on the front and back of the record jacket there really isn't anything else all that interesting about it. People tend to sell this one for more money than it's worth with the added title of "rare" attached to it. It isn't rare. It might be a little more difficult to come across, but so are most things, so I would hardly call this rare.

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