Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rubberband Girl "Lyrical Taster" UK Promo CD

This has got to be one of the most bizarre and pointless promo CDs ever made.

When I found this back in the '90s, I thought I was getting the radio promo single for Rubberband Girl. What I got instead was something completely unexpected. The CD cover is very misleading, and if you aren't paying close attention you can easily confuse this for the actual radio promo CD. So, what is this???

Well, it's 45 seconds of some woman blandly reading off some release details for The Red Shoes album, which is then followed by a short reading of a partial lyric for Rubberband Girl.
The entire message on the CD runs like this:

'Hello. Kate Bush releases her new album in October, entitled "The Red Shoes". The first single to be taken from her eighth album is Rubberband Girl. You should receive your promotional copies around the 18th of August. Rubberband Girl is released on September 6th. Here is a lyrical taster. The music comes later'.

At that point, the unknown woman proceeds with reading off a short lyric from Rubberband Girl. It's terribly done, and sounds like something from a badly made audio book. Here is the lyric that she reads off.

"See those trees bend in the wind. I feel they've got a lot more sense than me. You see I try to resist. A Rubberband bouncing back to life. A Rubberband bend the beat. If I could learn to give like a Rubberband, I'd be back on my feet."

And that's it for the whole CD. I think there was about 400 of these made, and it still turns up quite often. Avoid it.

Unfortunately, none of these promo CDs from the Red Shoes seems to scan in very well, so I'm also keeping one of my original photos so you can see it better.

As I mentioned a little earlier, it's easy enough to confuse this oddity with the actual radio promo that does have the song if you aren't paying attention to things. Having had a look online, I can see that a lot of people are confusing the two - most likely because they don't own either version and they're getting misinformation from some other source. The scan I've added below is the actual radio promo CD with the full song for Rubberband Girl.

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