Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Sensual World - Australia 7" Single

The artwork on the Australian 7" sleeve is virtually identical to the UK release front to back The only real difference is the distribution information on the back near the bottom, 'Manufactured and distributed by the EMI Music Group Australasia'.

The other differences with this sleeve is how it was put together. If you look at the top of the sleeve, you will see there is an overhang area - this is where the record slots in and out of the sleeve. The sleeve is also made from a thicker card stock type material, which is similar to earlier UK releases. If you want to check out the UK version, you can do so right here.

The record labels are actually quite yellow, which are a complete contrast to the UK ones. If it wasn't for the catalogue number on this, or the red circular writing around the labels, you really wouldn't have a clue where this was made.

This is one of the very few Australian pressings that I personally own. I was never big on collecting Australian pressings of any kind for two main reasons: 1. They were always difficult to come by, due to the fact that they were pressed in smaller quantities. 2. Australian pressings have always been more expensive as a given.

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