Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Kick Inside - Yugoslavia Release

Yugoslavian pressing of The Kick Inside featuring unique cover art. This is just one of six different variant covers for The Kick Inside. The other countries featuring different artwork include the UK, Canada, USA, Japan and Uruguay. Uruguay is the toughest release to get a hold of and the most expensive. The Yugoslavian release follows in second place in my opinion. Although not nearly as expensive as the Uruguay release tends to be, it is tough to find.

The artwork on the back of the jacket is identical to the UK release, as is the majority of the worldwide releases. The only differences between them are the distribution information.

The record labels on the Yugoslavian release are fairly identical to the UK ones at the time. However, the colour scheme is noticeably different.

The record jacket is a flimsy one and easily susceptible to damage. Just take a look at my copy. This is one sleeve you really need to handle with kid gloves.

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