Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suspended In Gaffa - Holland 7" Single

This is the Holland 7" single release for Suspended in Gaffa. It's also the fourth and final release for this single. This single also got released in FranceGermany and Spain.

The front of the Holland picture sleeve is very similar to the German and France picture sleeves, except this one doesn't have any kind of a white border around it like the other two do. I probably like this picture sleeve slightly more over the other two, but only because it does have a full picture.

The design layout on the back of the picture sleeve is quite interesting, and I've always felt that the back of any picture sleeve can be just as interesting as the front. Singles from other countries have always interested me a lot, especially if they never got a general release in the UK to start with, or if there was something particularly unique and interesting about them.

The record features a large centre hole with the distribution information in red.

Any of the 7" versions of Suspended in Gaffa can be a bit pricey these days, so save your money if you want to collect them all.

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