Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 Sucessos - Brazil 7" Single (4 Track EP)

Released in 1978, this Brazilian 7” single (4 track EP) features 4 songs from The Kick Inside. It’s also one of the rarest of all Kate picture sleeves.

The sleeve is made from a thick card stock, similar to the really early UK singles, and the front artwork is also carried onto the back side of the sleeve. In case anyone is wondering, the photography on this one is by Gered Mankowitz. Personally, I think it’s a stunning photo of Kate.

The record has the same two tone tan and red record labels as the UK releases at that time.

This single/EP is a rare one, and if you’re looking for it, you can probably expect to pay a nice chunk of money for it. So fair warning on that.

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