Monday, May 7, 2012

The Red Shoes - Canada Cassette Release

Canadian issue cassette for The Red Shoes came in a fully clear cassette case and features a full back insert. It's one of the few cassette releases where the full back artwork of the album is used on a cassette insert.

The most annoying thing about this release is the mile long insert/unfolding booklet. I have no idea if all releases were like this or not, but I tended not to unfold it at the time as it was nearly impossible to fold it back up the right way again. Despite that, the lyrics are printed on both sides of the insert, with a fruity sort of background. I scanned this in sections to make it all easier to see.

If you do bother to look at the insert, you will notice that some of the songs are printed in the wrong order towards the end. I have absolutely no idea if this was a printing error or purposely done for space reasons.

I remember being surprised at the time that this even got issued on cassette as cassettes were pretty much redundant at that time.

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