Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love and Anger - UK CD Single

The UK CD Single for Love and Anger is probably the hardest one from the Sensual World era to come by these days. There isn't really any specific reason for that - it just doesn't seem to turn up as often as the others, so you could be paying a bit of extra money for this one.

This came in a slim jewel case. The insert is folded, with a video still on the front and track/distribution information on the back. The inside of the insert is completely blank, which is the case with most of these CD singles.

The insert is printed onto a specific type of paper that doesn't do very well with fingerprints, so avoid touching it if you possibly can.

For some odd reason, scanning this CD has been the most problematic one I've had to deal with. No matter how many times I tried, it continually came out wonky - so it's for this reason I'm keeping one of my original photos in this post.

The gatefold 7" version of Love and Anger is the only UK release to feature extra photos from the video. You won't find them on this CD single release or any other UK release.

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