Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hounds of Love - Canada First Issue Cassette

Canadian first issue cassette, which I've had since 1985. It was also the first Kate cassette/album I ever bought.

This one came in a fully clear cassette case, with a full back flap on it. The other nice thing about the insert is that it came with all the song lyrics, which was also one of the few cassettes that ever did. These map-like inserts tended to be a pain trying to fold them up correctly again. I've scanned this in sections so it won't come out too small.

Another thing I like about the insert, which isn't present on the USA marble version, is that it includes the back album artwork. Also, the writing on the spine of the cassette is more in keeping with the album.

Side one of the cassette also included the 12" mix of Running Up That Hill. I have absolutely no clue how many other releases out there included this additional track.

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