Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Dreaming - Japan First Issue Pressing

The album jacket is pretty identical to the UK release, but with a couple of minor differences; mainly the catalogue number on the front of the jacket in the upper right-hand corner and some Japanese text and distribution information located at the back of the jacket along the bottom.

Personally, I think the front of the obi-strip is striking on this one, but I do wish they had added something a little extra to it. This was also the last release to have a somewhat interesting obi-strip, in my opinion, and they became fairly plain and boring from Hounds of Love onward.

The record labels are also the same as the UK records labels, and the only real difference to these are the red text and different catalogue number.

Like all Japanese releases, this one also comes with a folded insert. Japanese text and Japanese lyrics are found on the front and back of the insert, and the English lyrics are found inside. I chopped it into four separate sections so it would blow up larger.


  1. How's the sound? The CD reissue is so terrible and badly in need of remaster...just wrote about this great album on my music blog. Have a good one!

    1. The sound is much better than any other release I've ever listened to.


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