Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Whole Story - Canada LP Release

I bought this brand new back in 1986. The jacket exterior is fairly identical to the UK release, except for the distribution information on the back.

This is also a gatefold release. I broke it up into two separate sections so that it can be seen better. You can see that the inner portion is also pretty identical to the UK release. I will say that the UK record jacket feels slightly thicker than the Canadian one though.

The Canadian LP comes in a cheap, clear plastic sleeve. The biggest difference between this record and the UK release are the record labels.

The UK release has some nicely done record labels that feature a small picture of Kate on them, but the Canadian record labels are overpowered by rainbow coloured EMI America logos at the top. They easily eat up nearly a third of the labels alone. A different EMI America logo is then added along the midway point at the side. This leaves little room for the track list.

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