Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Kick Inside - USA Second Issue Release

When the Kick Inside was first released in the USA it shared the same front cover with Canada. It also shared the same catalogue number and Harvest logo labels on the record. One of the few ways of telling the releases apart is by looking at the manufacturing information on the record jacket and vinyl labels and seeing where they're made.

When the Kick Inside was reissued in the USA, it got a new cover, which I like better, a new catalogue number and even new records labels.The second issue cover is commonly referred to as the "red socks" cover, or the "box" cover.

The first release with the red socks cover actually had full green labels with black printing and a rectangular black and white EMI America logo along the top. It was later reissued again with full silvery labels and a larger rainbow EMI America logo along the top, like you see below in my scans.

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