Friday, July 22, 2011

Hounds of Love - EMI Exclusive Merchandise

With the release of Hounds of Love in the UK back in 1985, EMI had a special order form randomly inserted  into the LP release, which listed select exclusive merchandise items that could be purchased directly through them if you had this form. This included two different autographed framed prints, a HOL themed t-shirt and HOL themed sweatshirt.

Hounds of Love Autographed Art Prints:

Both prints were limited to 1,000 copies each and Kate did sign each and every one - so they are genuine. Keep in mind that some of these are signed in pen, some with a thin or thick sized black marker or even a different coloured marker. Some are signed with a kiss or with the word 'love'. Some were also signed in different areas of the print. Remember, these weren't all signed in one sitting so they can vary a little from each other.

All signed prints came framed and the frame was sealed on the back using a special type of paper tape.

While they do turn up from time to time online for sale, they can also get quite costly these days. Before investing your money into one I would strongly suggest two things. If it's out of the frame or if the paper tape has been ripped off the back of the frame, then avoid it because there's something dodgy going on.

Hounds of Love Sweatshirt:

This has a quilted cotton front with polyester blend. In the upper left-hand side there's an illustration of two sitting hounds with the album's title underneath. This is the only design on the sweatshirt, and the back is completely bare. It was available in one size only – XL (sort of a one size fits all type thing). The quilted stitch design on the front is very ‘80s.

I do have the t-shirt somewhere, but right now I have no idea where it's poked. When I do find it again it will be posted.

Neither the sweatshirt or the t-shirt were ever commercially available, and could only be purchased through EMI via the form. They rarely turn up these days and can get pretty costly when they do.

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