Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Woman's Work - UK 7" Single: Picture Disc Release

The UK 7" Picture Disc for This Woman's Work comes in a thick clear pvc sleeve, with a black card insert. The front of the card insert has literally nothing on it, except for the bit of writing you see in the upper corners. The back of the insert lists the track and distribution information. It's fairly plain and boring, but it's more than we got for the picture disc versions of The Big Sky and King of the Mountain.

My only real complaint with the picture disc itself is the b-side. I personally feel it would have looked better had they used another picture for this side, instead of reproducing all the track info which is found on the back of the insert anyway. This just cheapens it up a bit, in my opinion.

Both the standard 7" release and the picture disc release have the same inscription etched into the run off area on Side A, which simply reads: "Up Yours Ugly!"

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