Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moments of Pleasure - UK 12" Poster Bag Single

UK 12" for Moments Of Pleasure was the second, and last 12" single release from The Red Shoes album. I always thought it was a shame this one never got a proper 7" release. I believe there may have been plans to do one, but the idea was dropped. The only 7" out there for this is a jukebox promo, and that tends to be hard to come by these days.

This one came in a poster sleeve as opposed to a proper 12" sleeve. I'm not a huge fan of poster sleeves as these things tend to get damaged pretty easily if they aren't protected well. The poster is also double-sided. I made a sad attempt at scanning them both in. One side features a close up of Kate's face with the lyrics for Moments of Pleasure printed next to it.

The other side is a standing shot of Kate taken much further away. I should point out that the posters don't look this bright or harsh in real life. I actually fiddled with the resolution in a sad attempt to hide some of my terrible patching when I pieced the scans back together. Even though I didn't measure this I can tell you that it measures 36" x 24".

The record features picture labels and as far as I can recall it's the only vinyl release to feature Home For Christmas. Side A also has an inscription on the run off vinyl which simply reads "Alive and Kicking".

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