Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Director's Cut - UK LP Release

The UK LP release of Director's Cut comes in a gatefold sleeve with a large format book. It's also a double vinyl release.

I'll admit that I had huge concerns about scanning it all in and having it come out like complete rubbish, but apart from a little bit of obvious patching here and there the entire thing came out fairly decent.

The large format book is really nice. It's filled with a lot of visually stunning shots themed around birds and fish people. I think a lot more thought went into the overall design and layout of this book compared to the one that came with Aerial.

The KT logo can be found in three place on this release. 1. The front artwork on the jacket. 2. The front cover of the book. 3. The top portion of the laptop in this photo.

The records come in plain black sleeves. I didn't waste my time scanning those or taking any photos of them. If you know what black looks like, then you have a pretty good idea of how they look.

The Director's Cut record labels are the first ones to feature the Fish People design. Even though I like them and think they look great on the vinyl releases, I don't think they look as good on the CD releases - but that's just me. Oddly enough, I did have trouble scanning these in.

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