Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And So Is Love - UK 7" Picture Disc/Poster Sleeve Single

Released in 1994, I didn't find this one until early 1995. It was also the first and only time I ever came across this in person. This one came with a giant fly poster, which is all housed in a clear pvc sleeve. I personally don't like the packaging on this one, and would have preferred it more had this been released in a standard 7" picture sleeve instead.

The first two updated photos in this post are actually scans that I had to piece together, then get creative with the resolution. Photographing this in the pvc sleeve proved impossible.

Since this one is a picture disc, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the artwork on this one. Although the artwork on the A Side is alright, the whole thing is really quite bland... and I still don't get what that fireball thing is all about. I personally would have preferred seeing a screen shot from The Line, The Cross and the Curve being used on this - but that's just me. There are also no vinyl inscriptions on this release in case anyone is wondering.

In the 20/21 years that I've had this, this is the first time since I originally got it that I've unfolded the poster completely. It's a double-sided poster, and since scanning this in sections would have proved to be impossible, I took some photos of it instead. Since the poster is still in brand new condition, I wanted to keep it that way, so these photos are far from spectacular.

This is a limited edition release, which is also individually numbered. The limited edition number is found on the back of the sleeve/poster. Mine is #3385, and I believe a total of 5,000 of these picture discs were pressed.

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