Monday, February 9, 2015

The Sensual World - UK Press Kit

The UK press kit for The Sensual World is pretty rare now and fairly difficult to come by these days. In fact, I would even say it's near impossible to find now.

What makes this one especially nice is the unique picture folder it comes in. When I found this back in the early '90s, I was a little more than surprised to see it was still in its original picture folder because these typically got destroyed. All press kits and press packs from back in the day, for any artist, came in a folder of some kind. The vast majority of these folders were simple generic record company folders bearing its logo prominently on the front, so when you come across any form of press kit or press pack for sale that doesn't have a folder, it's usually a case where it was destroyed.

The folder measures 8¾" x 12¼" and has a glossy finish to the surface. The back is just a plain black with the EMI logo at the bottom.

Inside the folder is a three page bio/info sheet with a thumbnail sketch on Kate and her career up to that point. I particularly like the added flower motif along the bottom of the first sheet. Press sheets tend to be boring looking as a given, so it's a nice touch. Also included are three promotional press photos measuring 8" x 10" and five identical promotional postcards featuring the album artwork on the front and a simple flower design on the back. The flower design on the back of the postcard was barely registering when I scanned it, so I had to fiddle with the resolution a bit to try and bring it up more... otherwise it wouldn't have been seen. The design is pretty light to start with.

Unfortunately, right after scanning in the press sheets and one of the postcards, the connecting wire on my scanner went funny, and since it's not a wireless scanner I'm unable to scan in the publicity photographs at the moment... so my photos of them will have to suffice for the moment until I can buy a new connecting wire. Sorry about that.

Variant Press Kit:

Even though this is complete, I should point out that the contents in this press kit can also vary. There are normally anywhere from 3-5 press photographs found in this kit. In some cases, the promo postcards have also been substituted with special inserts instead. Why this was done is beyond me, but it's also not uncommon for different items to be featured in the same press kit.

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