Monday, February 9, 2015

The Sensual World - UK Press Kit

Like many of the UK press kits from back in the day, this one for The Sensual World is pretty rare now and fairly difficult to come by. In fact, I would even say it's near impossible to find.

What makes this particular one especially nice is the unique picture folder it comes in. When I found this back in the early '90s, I was a little more than surprised to see it was still in its original picture folder because these typically got destroyed. Press kits and press packs were generally issued with a folder of some kind. The vast majority of these folders were simple generic record company folders bearing its logo prominently on the front, so when you come across any form of press kit or press pack for sale that doesn't have a folder, it's usually a case where it was destroyed or simply tossed away.

The folder measures 8¾" x 12¼" and has a glossy finish to the surface. The back is just a plain black with the EMI logo at the bottom. This one was pretty difficult to scan because every bit of microscopic space dust shows up on this thing.

Inside the folder is a three page bio/info sheet with a thumbnail sketch on Kate and her career up to that point. I particularly like the added flower motif along the bottom of the first sheet. Press sheets tend to be boring looking as a given, so it's a nice touch.

Also included are five promotional postcards featuring the album artwork on the front and a simple flower design on the back. The flower design is actually much lighter than it appears here. I had to fiddle with the resolution to bring it up more as it wasn't registering at all. I should also point out that not every press kit has these promotional postcards. Some versions have other special inserts included and some have the postcards. It's unknown how many have the postcards and how many have the inserts.

Also included are five promotional publicity photographs. The number of publicity photos inserted inside of each press kit can vary - anywhere from 3-5 in total. There were also quite a few different promo photos used in this press kit, and the distribution of them in each kit appears to be random.

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