Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Will Be Magic Again - Rare Christmas Card 1980

I was intending to post this one before Christmas, but I just didn't have the time.

I don't often take this one out, only because it's old now and really starting to wear out in some places... especially along the folded seam. Anyway, what I have here is a pretty unique Christmas Card from 1980. It's also extremely rare. So rare, in fact, that a signed one of these would easily surpass the signed Red Shoes Christmas Card from the '90s in price. Strangely enough this one isn't signed, and I've only ever seen one of these cards turn up once in the past decade or so.

The front of the card features the single artwork by Nick Price, but with some slight differences. There's more of the night sky for starters, plus the cityscape rooftops, something that isn't present on the single artwork. There's also one very interesting alteration with this card version. If you take a look at Mr. Moon, you'll see that he's smoking something that looks conspicuously like a joint. It's possible that it's intended to just be a cigarette, but I'm still leaning towards it being a joint simply because it would tie-in with the hallucinogenic mushrooms sitting on top of the reindeer.

This card was never commercially available. Basically they were produced by Kate for personal use for friends and family. The fact that I even found one years ago in a unused state is pretty odd in itself. Cards like this one were usually printed in smaller numbers and distributed all signed by Kate. The inside of the card has the title of the song printed as a greeting and the back of the card has an art credit at the bottom for Nick Price. It's printed pretty lightly, so I've done my best to get a decent shot of it. The card measures 9" x 6" and has a glossy-like finish to the surface, which I probably didn't capture very well with my cheap camera.

Good luck with getting a hold of this card today because it isn't likely to happen, especially if it's been inscribed by Kate. Kate's personalized Christmas Cards tend to go for ludicrous amounts of money these days.

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