Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers - Zaine Griff w/Kate Bush UK 7" Single

This single features prominent guest vocals by Kate throughout, and it’s probably in my top three of favourite collaborative pieces that Kate has worked on with another artist.

Zaine wrote the song as a tribute to Lindsay Kemp, a mine and dance teacher that both he and Kate worked and studied under in the mid ‘70s. In 1974, Lindsay Kemp created a pantomime dance production called ‘Flowers’, which was inspired by Jean Genet’s novel, ‘Our Lady of the Flowers’, which has got to be the filthiest book ever written. Well it is. I’ll say no more about that.

The picture sleeve on this one is a thick card sleeve, and the reverse side of the sleeve has a simple dedication to Lindsay Kemp on it. Unfortunately, Kate gets no mention as guest vocalist anywhere on the sleeve or on the record.

The record has silver injected moulded labels, and there's also an inscription in the run off vinyl which simply says “Lindsay Kemp”.

Some people consider this single rare just because of its association with Kate, but I personally think that's a little overstepping the mark. It's true that this is a difficult one to come by, but it's still out there. I would hardly call it rare though.

Is this single an edit version? Well, yes and no. I believe the LP version has a much longer intro, which isn't featured here. There's also a long outro, but the song fades out just before Kate is about to repeat her line one last time in the song. So basically the whole thing is there more or less.

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