Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vintage '80s Club Card (featuring the artwork of Debi Bowes)

Vintage club card from 1988, featuring stunning artwork by Debi Bowes on the front and outer back cover. Anyone that’s familiar with Debi’s work will know what an incredible talent she is.

The card measures almost 6” x 8¼“ closed and almost 12” x 8¼” when fully opened, so it’s a decent size. The inside features a general updates message on the right side and some publishing info and artist credit on the lower left side. The card is thick and has a glossy/laminated finish to it, both inside and out.

This card is virtually impossible to come by these days. It’s a stunning card, so if you happen to see it somewhere definitely buy it.

Some of these photos will also be found in my Kate Bush Club Blog Page… somewhere.

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