Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Sensual World - USA Promo Flat

Original USA promo flat that was put out by CBS records in 1989 to promote the release of The Sensual World. Promo flats were distributed to record stores to promote an artist’s album or new single. They were usually double-sided, but not always. The standard size of a promo flat is 12” x 12”, or slightly larger. In some cases they could be as small as 7” x 7”.

The front of this promo flat features the cover artwork of the album with the CBS Records copyright notice in the lower right-hand corner. If a promo flat was double-sided, the reversed side would usually feature anything from additional artwork, album tracks, release dates for singles/album or even the music company’s logo, etc. The back of this one has a copper coloured background, featuring a rose design. More than just advertising an album’s release, these things really are perfect for framing.

Not only have these become more difficult to come by these days (especially the much older ones), due to the fact that a lot of this stuff got trashed back in the day when an album’s promotion was over, but they also offered a lot of unique looking artwork that was never found on the albums or anywhere else. Just a shame that most people never saw the value in this kind of thing at the time.

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