Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running Up That Hill - Canadian 12" Single

This Single first appeared in a "group" post I did for Hounds of Love 12" singles that I did a very long time ago - which also sucked. You can see that post here, if you really want to. Since then, I have created all new, separate posts for each of the singles, but I neglected to do this one.

The Canadian release has a very similar picture sleeve to the UK release, but with the addition of a gold/brass border on the front, and a sort of greyish one on the back. I've had this copy for a very long time, so it is a bit tattered. I personally prefer the UK sleeve to the Canadian one because the quality is far, far better on the UK release. The Canadian one looks like a poor man's photocopy in comparison, and the gold/brass border tends to show signs of wear fairly quickly.

The record comes in a standard inner plastic sleeve, something that was very common for Canadian 12" singles back in the day. I suspect that a lot of that had to do with the fact that, even though the sleeves tended to be made from much thicker cardboard than UK sleeves, they were also quite cheaper in other ways as well. It was probably to prevent the loose cardboard fibers on the inside of the sleeve from ruining the vinyl and covering it with a lot of crap.

As always, the record labels are quite different to the UK ones, which always seemed to feature rather large and overbearing EMI America logos on them, in my opinion.

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