Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Whole Story - Canadian LP

I originally had this one, along with the original UK release, as part of another post from almost a year and a half ago, which you can see here. The unfortunate thing was that the original post really sucked... not to mention that the photos weren't the greatest. I have since redone the original post, which is now specifically for the UK release only, and this will be a brand new post for the Canadian release.

This is my original copy of The Whole Story that I got back in 1986. It was the very first Kate LP I ever bought, and the second album of Kate's that I owned at that point... the other one I had at the time was a cassette copy of Hounds of Love. I used to blast that one in my ears with my cassette walkman in the halls at school. That was a surreal experience, let me tell you.

If you compare the Canadian version of the record jacket to the UK one, you will see that it barely differs at all in any way. The Canadian release is also a gatefold and even has the exact same design layout on the inside. The only real differences are the catalogue number and distribution information. And I should probably add that the UK record jacket is slightly more thicker than the Canadian release.

The Canadian release came in a cheap, clear plastic sleeve, which was pretty much the norm then. I hated these things with a passion because they caused a lot of static build up on your records whenever you took them out or put them away, which basically acted as a magnet and attracted any crap that was floating around in the air, which then caused it to stick to a record more easily.

The biggest difference between this record and the UK release is the record labels. The UK release has some nicely done record labels that feature a small picture of Kate on them, but the Canadian record labels are overpowered by two different EMI America labels, which leaves little room for the track list. It actually looks like an annoying cluttered mess to me.

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