Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sensual World - Canadian 7" Single

As far as I remember, The Sensual World was the only single that got a 7" vinyl release in Canada back in '89. Vinyl was starting to be phased out at that time in favour of the stupid cassette-single. And no, I was not a fan of cassette singles.

Although the front and back cover art of the sleeve is exactly the same to the UK release, which you can see here, the Canadian release does vary slightly in colour. It's something that you wouldn't really notice unless you had a side by side comparison. The Canadian release has more of a solid black and white finish to the photo, but the UK one has a hint of brown in it, which warms up the picture entirely and looks better in my opinion. The colour variation is probably more noticeable on the back of each sleeve.

Also, the UK picture sleeve is made with a much thicker card stock, whereas the Canadian one is more of a cheap paper quality. The openings are also different. For the UK release, the record comes out at the side, but on the Canadian release the record comes out from the top.

Cheap paper labels are used on the Canadian release. They're actually more faint than they probably appear in my scans because I darkened them up a bit so that they would show better. They aren't even nice paper labels either. They almost look like they were made out of homemade pressed recycled paper. No joke.


  1. I hope you visit my blog and see my latest post. I don't think any of my regular readers even know who Kate is.

  2. Cool! I just checked it out. That's the first time I've ever seen the cartoon as I've never collected Homeground before. Your site looks interesting, so I'll probably have a good browse at it sometime when I have more time. I've been a bit busy lately, but I'm hoping to put some more stuff up on here soon. Thanks also for the mention :)


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