Monday, October 24, 2011

Lionheart - Original Canadian Release

It seems I neglected to do this one before.

This is the original Canadian release of Lionheart. You can compare it with the original UK release here, but since that is a really older post, I need to update it with more photos - so keep that in mind.

The Canadian release is pretty identical to the UK release, with only some slight differences. The lettering on the front of the album jacket is embossed just like the UK original.

The back of the album jacket is pretty identical to the UK release. The only real differences here are the catalogue number in the upper right-hand corner, and the Harvest logo along the bottom and the Canadian manufacturing information. Otherwise everything else is the same. Sorry about the flash on this one. Amazing how it picks up a lot of imperfections that aren't otherwise visible.

Like the UK release, the Canadian one is also a gatefold. As you can see, it does not differ in any way on the inside.

Unlike the UK release, the Canadian album comes in this rather cheap plain sleeve. The UK one is also plain, but at least it's a nice solid colour with the catalogue number stamped on it. This one looks as though it was made from a cheap translucent paper bag.

Again, like with the Canadian release of The Kick Inside, the record labels on Lionheart do differ from the UK ones. It's the two tone green again, with the obnoxiously huge Harvest logo.

As an interesting side note: I don't have the Canadian version of Lionheart on cassette anymore. It snapped years ago so I threw it away. But it was interesting how they made side 2 of the album as side 1 on the cassette, and side 1 became side 2. Basically a flip. I don't know if this was a manufacturing flaw or if it was purposely done. Just thought I'd mention that : )

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