Tuesday, August 9, 2011

12" Test Pressing of an uncut 7" Die-cut picture Interview

Anyway, here's a quick post for now.

I knew I had this one lying around somewhere. This is a 12" test pressing of an uncut 7" die-cut picture disc interview. So basically it's like a "Before & After" type thing. I really can't remember for the life of me where I got this from, but more than likely I found it at some record fair thing. It's nothing spectacular, but I think it's kind of neat. It sort of gives you an idea of the process an item goes through before it becomes a finished product. The centre hole has been punched out on this, so it would still be playable as is.

I've taken some pics of this by itself and with the finished die-cut version for comparison. You can also check out the die-cut version I did in another post right here.

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