Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Kick Inside - UK Second Issue Picture Disc

UK Second Issue Picture Disc of The Kick Inside. Although both issues are limited edition, first issue picture discs were pressed in fewer quantities and therefore the more rarer of the two releases.

Both picture disc issues look nearly the same when quickly glancing them, but there are a couple of very specific differences between them.

The record jackets on both releases are identical, except for the stickers. First issue picture discs will have a circular sticker positioned in the upper left-hand corner of the record jacket, which is sort of purple in colour. It will read: Limited Edition Picture Disc. Now take a look at mine, which is the second issue picture sleeve. It also has a sticker, but it's larger, oval in shape and centred at the top of the album jacket. It's also more of a brown colour. Not only does it read Limited Edition Picture Disc, but the catalogue number is also printed underneath the words, which isn't the case with the circular one. These stickers are the only identifying feature between the jackets.

The other thing you really need to pay attention to is the actual picture disc. Both issues are virtually identical with just one slight difference between them. Take a look at my picture disc - either side will do. Take a look at the bottom rim of the record where the printed information is located. The last sentence, "Manufactured in the UK by EMI Records LTD." is only printed on second issue picture discs as part of the copyright notice. First issue picture discs will not have this last sentence added.

It's just a handy thing to know in case you ever go looking for a first issue picture disc and the album jacket has conveniently lost its sticker and the vinyl turns out to be second issue, or the vinyls and sleeves get switched. Speaking of stickers missing from the jackets... it's highly unlikely that one would just fall off, even from age, so if you ever come across either of the picture disc releases that have lost its jacket sticker, just forget about buying it. A missing sticker also means a lot of its value is gone right there.

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