Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Christmas (Various Artists)

I ordered this one back in 1989 through an import shop that was absolutely killer with getting import stuff, which was not an easy thing in those days.

I ordered this one not because I'm into Christmas albums, but because it featured Kate's song 'December Will Be Magic Again'. The first time I played it, I was very disappointed because it turned out to be the bongo version, and I really wanted the Christmassy version as it's my favourite. Unfortunately, the album jacket and record doesn't list which version it is, so at the time I just assumed it would be the Christmassy one. I have since gotten over it, and I'm now glad it is the bongo version as this is the only record I have with the bongo version on it.

I know this compilation got a CD release; same artwork - same everything. However, I don't know which version of "December" is used on the CD release as I never picked it up.

If I recall correctly, I think this cost me around $25 back in '89 as a special import order. That was NOT cheap for vinyl in those days.

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