Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kate Bush - The Interview: Baktabak Cassette Release

This cassette interview was released by Baktabak in the UK back in 1992. Baktabak Records was an independent company in the UK that produced many of the 12” Picture Disc Interviews, as well as CD Picture Disc Interviews with various recording artists.

The interview on this cassette is exactly the same interview that can be found on this 12” Picture Disc right “here”. This interview takes places during the release of The Dreaming, and it's also probably one of my favourite ones - even despite all the background noise. Actually, if I remember correctly, the background noise doesn't appear to be as prominent on the cassette version.

These cassette versions were produced in pretty low numbers, so in a lot of ways they’re more rare than the picture disc releases. I still prefer picture discs any day as they are a lot nicer to look at. This is also the only cassette version I ever came across, so I have no idea if Baktabak released any other Kate interviews onto cassette or not.

The inner outside flap of the insert has a contact address, distribution information and how to contact them in three different languages. In case anyone is wondering, an IRC is an International Reply Coupon. These are coupons that you buy at your local post office to pay for the postage in another country. I’ve used these things a million times in my life, so I’m very familiar with them.

The full inner insert is completely blank. I find the lack of information on the whole insert to be a great shame, in my opinion, because it's one of those things where you don't really know what you've got until you play it. 

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