Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Belgium 7" Single

The Belgium release features another very unique picture sleeve, with photography by Gered Mankowitz. Even though this one is a little harder to come by these days, it's not impossible - but it can prove to be a bit costly. I'm sure you can't tell by the scans, but the sleeve is actually textured. 

The back of the picture sleeve is exactly the same as the front, but the photo is actually upside down. I'm just keeping it right side up here to make things easier. I have absolutely no idea if this was done on purpose, or if it was just a printing error during the run of these sleeves. Either way, there it is.

The record labels are pretty similar to how the UK ones looked at that time. If you go looking for this one, make sure you pay attention to the record labels. I have heard from some people over the years who bought this one, only to have the Belgium record substituted for a UK release. The Belgium release will have a different catalogue number to the UK release, but it will also say "Made in Belgium" right on it. So always check what you're getting very carefully before you get it.

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