Monday, January 2, 2012

The Man I love - UK 7" Single

This song was originally from the album 'The Glory of Gershwin' and, like Rocket Man, I was very glad when it got a single release because I had no intentions of buying the tribute album when it first came out. Compilations and tribute albums are not my most favourite thing in the world, especially if there's only one artist or song that I'm interested in, so I usually try and avoid them.

Kate recorded The Man I Love with world renowned harmonica player Larry Adler for the tribute album, which featured 16 Gershwin songs released in honour of Mr. Adler's 80th birthday. Kate covered one song, so on this single she only appears on the A side. The B side is an edited version of Rhapsody In Blue featuring Larry Adler and George Martin. I think it's interesting how on the sleeve Kate's name appears first, but on the actual single her name is placed second. The back of the single has small photos of Kate, Larry Adler and the cover of the tribute album. It also lists the tracks and contributing artists on the album.

The record has silver injected moulded labels, and in case anyone is wondering... there are no inscriptions in the run off vinyl.

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