Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pop Collection - Unofficial Cassette

Here's a rather interesting cassette that dates to around 1983. The artwork and even the lettering is based upon the same artwork as the Mini LP, but with some very interesting alterations... namely Kate's body, which has oddly been coloured blue right up to her neck.

The cassette also boasts of being her best hits, but that hardly rings true when you look at the tracklisting. The cassette literally contains every track from the Lionheart album with a few other songs randomly thrown in - hardly her best hits, but still an interesting cassette nevertheless.

Despite the really nice quality of the insert, and the manufactured look of the cassette, this is not an official release. There are a couple of key areas on the cassette that make this fact quite obvious. The main one is no distribution information printed anywhere on the insert or the cassette shell. Also, if you take a look at the tracklisting on both the cassette and the insert, you'll notice quite a few spelling errors in the titles. Some have also been badly abbreviated - something you would never see on any official releases. Another thing that tells you this isn't legit is the quality of the recording itself. The source material sounds as though it came from vinyl.

There are actually an endless number of unofficial cassette releases that have popped up through the years from various places. The most common places are Poland, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. However, Polish cassettes tend to be more identifiable as brand name recordable cassettes were typically used. Despite the fact that these cassettes are unofficial releases, the artwork on most of them does tend to be pretty unique, and in some cases more interesting than the official releases. The source material on these releases can also vary, so if you decide to collect any, collect them for their unique artwork and nothing more.

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