Friday, April 12, 2013

The Kick Inside - USA Promotional Press Kit

This is a very scarce, original USA Promotional Press Kit for The Kick Inside from 1978.

It comes with a promo issue LP with “NOT FOR SALE” embossed in the top right corner on the front. It’s a little difficult to see because it’s plain embossing without any colour added to the imprinted stamp, but I think my camera has picked it up well enough. This is also the original 1978 USA issue picture sleeve as well, which is also the same cover used for the Canadian release. The U.S. LP was later reissued with the “Kate-in-the-box” photo. It also has the same Harvest logo as the Canadian release, as well as the same catalogue number. The only real difference between the two is the distribution information on the back of the jacket and on the record labels.

This also came with a two page (four sided) bio on Kate, which I’ve painstakingly scanned in for people to read. It was a pain because, not only is my scanner wearing out, but it was tricky holding this into place as the pages are stapled together. So if my scanning skills are a little wonky... oh well! I'm sure everyone will get over it. It's readable. The typeset at the top of the first page is exactly the same as the typeset used on the front of the album sleeve.

Two black and white 8 x 10 promotional press photos were included with this press kit. I was very tempted to colour certain parts out as that's all some of you seem to look at on here. I know everything that goes on. LOL!

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