Sunday, November 6, 2011

Running Up That Hill - UK 12" Single

Seems as though I neglected to do the UK 12" Singles for Hounds of Love as well. Well, I did a "group" post a long time ago, but it sucked. So now I'm going to show these properly.

The 12" for Running Up That Hill has the exact same front and back artwork as the original 7" standard release. And, unlike the 7", the 12" only comes in one format. Meaning no gatefold version at all.

A couple of quick points about the 12" sleeves for Hounds of Love. Most of them have a sort of shiny/laminated finish to them, as opposed to a flat matte finish, which was common with most '80s 12" singles. However, these are also quite thin and flimsy. The sleeve for Running Up That Hill is probably the flimsiest, and therefore it's easily creased or damaged in other ways if you're not careful.

The 12" single for Running Up That Hill uses the same blackish/greyish labels and silvery writing as the 7".

All the 12" singles from Hounds of Love should still be relatively easy to find now, but because most of the sleeves are fairly flimsy... and I do mean flimsy, the chances of finding any in mint to near mint condition may be kind of difficult.

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