Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hounds of Love - UK 12" Single

Although this sleeve is still sort of flimsy, it's not nearly as bad as the other 12" sleeves for the Hounds of Love album singles. That may be down to the fact that this 12" has the same criss-cross textured sleeve as the 7" release. The front and back artwork is also the same as the 7" sleeve.

Like the 12" single for Cloudbusting, the album version of Hounds of Love isn't released on this single. Instead, we get an alternative mix of the song. That's probably one of the things I really liked about Kate's remixes - they weren't your typical remixed songs. They weren't boring or repetitive. Of course, by the time The Red Shoes came along, they did become crap. But that's another story.

Like the 7" single, the 12" version also has the same inscription in the run off vinyl on Side A, which simply reads: "Woof!"

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