Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Live in Europe 79 & 80 - Bootleg LP

Live in Europe is one of the earliest live bootlegs that was manufactured in the USA by Rock Solid Records. The earliest made bootlegs came in plain white cardboard jackets that were accompanied by a loose, photocopied piece of paper that usually had a picture of Kate and the song titles typed up onto it using a domestic typewriter. What you see in the first scan is just the loose piece of paper included with the album and not the album jacket itself. The album jacket is completely blank on both sides, so it isn't even worth showing. This was done for two reasons.

Cost was one reason, but the biggest reason was being able to find a way of manufacturing this stuff and getting it out into the market without being caught. Don't forget it's illegal, and back then they took this kind of thing more seriously than they probably do today. When you factor in the blank record jackets, the cheap photocopies and the record labels, which had fake song titles printed onto them, it was a pretty clever way of doing things.

This is nothing more than a reissue of "Wow Live", which was the first Kate bootleg LP ever made. The sound quality isn't too bad, but when you consider it's just the Hammersmith concert and the Christmas special, it's not really worth having.

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