Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Live in Europe 1979/80 - Bootleg LP

This was a triple LP bootleg put out by Continuing Saga Records in the USA. If you look at the back of the album jacket, it's a prime example of how vague the bootlegs were. They listed the songs in most cases, but they didn't list the source, and the order of the track was usually random. It wasn't until you got these home you could figure out which show or performance these were from. This is also a case of a lot of repeated material that you normally find on most of these bootlegs. The Light Blue album contains the BBC Christmas Special, the Dark Blue album contains the Hammersmith Odeon performance and the Red album is the German show.

The other interesting thing are the LPs themselves. Kate's name isn't mentioned on them anywhere. Instead, they're listed as "THE WIZARDS QUEST". Bootlegs were a huge thing back in the day, and hugely illegal. This was a clever way of illegally manufacturing them and distributing them to avoid being busted if caught. The back of the sleeve says International Records, which means it was probably put out by the makers of 'Rock Solid Records'. These guys went under several different pseudonyms - most likely to avoid detection.

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