Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Live in Bristol England 1979 - Bootleg LP

The really cool thing about this one is the packaging, but that's really where it starts and ends. The front has a unique gatefold opening, which opens up from the middle. The inside has a die-cut flap, which acts as a pocket and keeps the double LP into place. It's a pretty interesting design layout - just an absolute shame it's a bootleg, especially as the quality of the recording totally lets the whole thing down.

Put out by Rock Solid Records in the USA, the live LPs are hugely disappointing on many levels and are hardly worth the vast amounts of money they seem to go for these days. The quality of these albums is poor, and I do mean extremely poor.

As was the case with all of these live bootleg LPs, the original source recording was used for the Bristol LP, and in many cases they were the only recording of a particular show. Also factor in that the recordings were made using domestic '70s recording equipment and you're left with something pretty horrific sounding.

Live in Bristol is a completely unedited concert performance of the Hippodrome show. That means all the interludes with poetry readings and everything else is included here. However, the biggest shame is how horrendous the quality is overall.

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