Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aerial - Canada Double CD Release: First Issue

Original first issue Canadian double CD release of Aerial from 2005. When I first bought this at the time, I purchased two copies because of the digipak packaging. For anyone that has read my posts, you already know how much I despise this sort of packaging - and for good reason.

Since I'm in the process of replacing my old photos with new scans, I have scanned in this packaging completely. The digipack is a tri-fold one as opposed to a bi-fold.

This is how the inside looks. As you can see, the CDs are slotted into very cheap, but very tight fitting card pockets. I never liked this for two reasons: 1. The back of the CDs are exposed, which can cause further potential damage. 2. Trying to remove them is near impossible, and the pocket on my Sky of Honey CD has already ripped at the corner. The CD booklet is slotted behind another full card pocket, which is just as difficult to get out and put back in again. Make sure to open the below scan in a new window in order to see it better.

This just simply shows you what the inlay looks like with the CDs removed. It might be more evident on this scan where the pocket damage has occurred.

Both CDs are picture discs, which I think was pretty standard for all the original pressing releases worldwide at the time. The distribution information is printed around the perimeter of each CD. Unfortunately, this is so poorly done that it's nearly impossible to even read it.

The booklet it comes with is nice, and I've scanned the whole thing.

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