Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Abbey Road Studios Interview - 12" Picture Disc.

Two quick points to start off with on this one. This interview is not from Abbey Road, and it's also a bootleg. A nice bootleg, but still a bootleg. I particularly like the limited edition number these have to give it a more "authentic feel". I can't remember correctly... brain damage from having so much usless information stuffed in my head for many years, but this is either limited to 2,000 copies or 2,500 copies.

If I remember correctly, I believe the interview was actually conducted and recorded at Capital Radio studios in '85, but I might not be 100% right about that. The interview is Hounds of Love era, running at 47 minutes total, but it's also a great one. This one has excellent sound quality and it's worth picking up if you can find it. For me, the biggest appeal of Picture Discs is that they're Picture Discs. A lot of Picture Discs, whether they're 12" or 7" have a lot of repeated material on them, but they're always nice to look at. In most cases, Picture Discs feature a different picture on each side.

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