Saturday, June 25, 2011

12" Interview Picture Disc - Hounds of Love era

Unlike the other Hounds of Love 12" interview picture disc I have, which you can find here, this one is actually quite nice... and a REAL interview. Few interesting things about this one, if I recall correctly. The interview is done with Kate in her studio, which is clear at the beginning, by some fan that somehow managed to get Kate's participation in the interview by aligning himself with some group or other. I can't remember all the details about it, but I was left with the impression that the "fan's" agenda was specific in obtaining an interview with Kate for the sole purpose of creating this bootleg release. Kate obviously had no idea of this interviewer's motives, otherwise she wouldn't have done it. This is just another clear example of why Kate values her privacy so much.

That aside, it is a nice interview, with quite a bit of giggling and laughter from both. I would have to say that the interviewer does come off as amateurish at times with his questions, almost like he's unsure what to ask her... sometimes asking some very stupid questions that a simpleton would already know the answer to. However, Kate really delivers a great interview here. She's very talkative, despite some of the dumbness, and we get quite a few giggles and laughs out of her.

The photos used on this picture disc are really nice as well. In fact, the photos used on any of these 12" interviews are probably a big plus. They're all nice photos that you don't normally see elsewhere. This one is worth looking for if you don't already have it.

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