Thursday, June 23, 2011

12" Interview Picture Disc - Hounds of Love era

Although the copyright listed on the vinyl is 1987, it is from the Hounds of Love era. This could be the year the disc was manufactured. Who knows! Not sure if this was manufactured by Baktabak or not. Possibly not as there's no indication of it on the disc itself - just a catalogue number.

I had a very quick listen to this one much earlier tonight, and it's the first time I've listened to it in about 20 years. It's a very general interview, but fairly thorough. There's a lot of questions about the media, press, doing promotion, the record company, life and living and the Hounds of Love. As I listened to it, the entire interview sounded very off. The person doing the interview sounded very monotone and unenthused about the whole thing. There were even moments where he cut into Kate with the next question before she had a chance to finish answering the last one. As I continued to listen, there seemed to be a distinct difference to the background sound as well. I got the impression that this wasn't a real live interview, but rather pre-recorded bits on Kate's part, with a specific set of questions given to the interviewer. This was a common practice back in the day. Lots of artists would send out a pre-recorded tape of answers to radio stations, along with a set of questions, and the DJ or whomever, could make it appear as though they were interviewing the artist themselves. I suppose in a way it is a bit deceptive, but when you think about all the gruelling promotion artists actually did back then, pre-recorded radio spots really were a saving grace. Anyway, I think what we have here with this record is an example of that.

It's not particularly the best interview. Kate's pre-recorded bits (if they are pre-recorded) are good. Very chatty. However, the interviewer just doesn't really seem to breathe any life into it at all, and it really brings the whole thing down. There are better examples of interview discs out there, but this just isn't one of them. If you're going to look for this one for any reason, then do so because it is a picture disc... and it's nice to look at.

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