Wednesday, June 22, 2011

12" Interview Picture Disc - The Dreaming

Baktabak were responsible for many of these interview picture discs, and not just for Kate, but many other artists as well.

I bought this one brand new years ago, so that's why it's still in its original die-cut cardboard sleeve. Most of these got lost, thrown out or utterly destroyed over time, so in many cases if you do find one second-hand, it will just be sold in a thick plastic sleeve. Whether an interview disc was put out by Baktabak, or some other distribution company, all of these interview discs originally came in a die-cut cardboard sleeves. If you do happen to come across one that's no longer in its original die-cut sleeve, don't worry too much about it as it really doesn't affect the value of these things anyway. The back of the cardboard sleeves shows you a list of other picture discs for other artists that were available at that time.

Besides the die-cut cardboard sleeves, the records also came inside a very thin protective plastic  inner sleeve. Second-hand ones are usually found in very thick durable plastic sleeves, which aren't original to the record.

There's always been a question of the legality of Interview Picture Discs. They aren't entirely legal but they aren't exactly bootlegs either, unlike concert LPs or CDs, for example. Personally, I think the problem lies in the fact that even though an artist is featured in an interview, they aren't the copyright holder of the actual recording, so therefore they couldn't gain any profit in the sale of these and were unable to stop them from being produced. Isn't it amazing how much you can get away with when there's a tiny loophole in the system.

Out of all the Interview Picture Discs I own (LP, 7", CD), this one is probably my very favourite one. I haven't listened to this one in a long time, but I used to listen to it a lot! It's a fantastic interview, if a little noisey. You hear people in the background and lots of dishes clanging, so I'm assuming this interview took place in some restaurant. But it's a very nice and relaxed interview for The Dreaming, It's so relaxed, in fact, that Kate is even eating during it. The interviewer's questions are good, and he actually seems interested, but Kate's answers are even better, and she really gets in depth with her answers. This interview takes place around the time 'There Goes a Tenner' is released as Kate mentions it's the new single and talks about the ideas behind it.

I would highly recommend this one. I'm showing you both sides of the picture disc here so you know which one to look for. You can also take note of the catalogue number which is printed on the disc itself - BAKTABAK BAK 2073

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