Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sensual World - Canadian Video Style Promo Box Set

Official Canadian video style promotional box set for The Sensual world. As far as I know these were only produced in two countries for promoting purposes. Canada being one, and the UK being the other. The UK version does differ slightly to the Canadian version, but not by much.

It's pretty interesting how they decided to make this promo box set in the style of a video box though, considering it doesn't even come with a video. It measures about 7" x 7.5" x 1.5" thick. The cover of the box comes with a full wraparound insert, which features a close up of Kate's eyes on the front and a line from The Sensual World on the back. I think it's a shame that the spine was left totally empty. The casual onlooker wouldn't even know what this was if they weren't at all familiar with Kate Bush.

Inside there are a total of four different items:

On the left-hand side of the box is 1 Canadian Cassette Single, which features The Sensual World and Walk Straight Down The Middle. Both tracks are repeated on both sides. To my knowledge this is just a standard issue Canadian release of the single, and not a promo of any kind.

On the right-hand side you get three additional items.

The first item is a first issue Canadian Picture Disc release of The Sensual World on CD. Again, this is just a standard first issue release of the CD and not a promo of any kind.

The second item is a folded biography insert of Kate's career up to the release of The Sensual World. There's information on both sides, with a photo on the front and a flower design on the inside. It measures 6" x 6.5".

The third and final item is a larger version of the Sensual World booklet that comes with the CD. It also measures 6" x 6.5" with a glossy cover and back. It has all the lyrics printed inside as well as 4 full colour photos of Kate.

I personally like this box set. It's nothing overly spectacular, but I also knew exactly what I was getting when I originally got it, so none of it came as a surprise or a disappointment. The downside to this box set, which also goes for the UK version, is that both of them have become quite rare now - so if you want either version, you're going to be paying a lot of money for them.

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