Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love And Anger - U.S. 1 Track Promo CD

This is a 1 track USA promo CD for 'Love And Anger', which came in a digipak. I'm not a fan of digipak releases at all. If anyone has read my Rocket Man post, you'll understand why I despise this kind of packaging so much. In case some people don't understand what the big deal is, it's a cheap cardboard substitute over plastic CD cases, which causes the CD packaging to become more susceptible to edge wear, splitting, rips, tears, scratches and all sorts of other unnecessary damage. I realize it's a cheaper alternative and it helps to cut costs, but the overall wear factor on these in general is hardly worth the effort.

Digipak rant aside, the packaging is still nice. The front features the same artwork that's found on The Sensual World album, with sort of copper coloured lettering on the front and back. Thankfully, this digipak only opens once and not multiple times. The inside features the lyrics to 'Love And Anger', along with the "Rose" CD.

Interestingly enough, Love And Anger became Kate's debut single on her new U.S. label, Columbia Records. Commercially, Love And Anger only got a cassette-single release in the end, which also used different artwork from this promo release. If I remember correctly, I think Love And Anger became Kate's only U.S. release for The Sensual World.

I'm really not sure how many of these were made, but the number doesn't seem to be as limited as some people might think. I do see it turning up quite often, even now, so it shouldn't be that impossible to find.

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